How To Apply for a Non-Lucrative Visa for Spain: EBook

Non-Lucrative Visa for Spain

Our essential guide explains the step by step process of How To Apply for a Non-Lucrative Visa for Spain. (UK version!)

The guide not only clearly explains the process for applying for your non-lucrative visa for Spain but also:

  • all the official forms that need to be completed
  • clear explanations of how to complete the forms
  • links for official translators
  • a medical certificate template that can be used by your own doctor
  • links for requesting your criminal background check
  • location and contact details for consulate offices
  • a map showing which consulate you need to apply to
  • templates for requesting your appointment at the consulate
  • tips to help you decide when you should start your application process
  • a broker that understands the visa requirements to provide you with adequate health insurance quotes

RRP: €29.00

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As requirements change, as is often the case, we will continue to update the information and also to add more answers to FAQs on our FAQ page on this website. Please remember to send us any questions not already answered on the FAQ page!

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