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Where do I submit my non-lucrative visa Spain application?

You non lucrative-visa application is submitted at the Spanish consulate , depending on where you live.

In the UK there are three offices:London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

In the USA there are eight offices: Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC.

When should I start my visa application?

There are many time-sensitive documents required for your visa application. Officially translated documents are only valid for 3 months, consequently, the correct timing of your initial appointment is crucial. Based on your planned date of travel to Spain and other factors, we will advise you when to take each step of the process. (Please read this article )

How long does it take to process my visa application?

There is no one answer to this question as every case is unique. However it is safe to say that the once the application has been submitted, it will be at least one month before the visa is issued. If the initial application is successful, the visa may be issued in 2 to 3 months.

Please note that if extra documentation is required, the process can take a lot longer.

If we are a family of four, can we all attend the same appointment?

No. You need to book one appointment per person.

Our essential guide explains the step by step process How To Apply for a Non-Lucrative Visa for Spain.

The guide not only clearly explains the process for applying for your non-lucrative visa for Spain but also:

  • all the official forms that need to be completed with clear explanations of how to complete the forms
  • links for legalising documents and official translators
  • a medical certificate template that can be used by your own doctor
  • links for requesting your criminal background check- location and contact details for consulate offices
  • a map showing which consulate you need to apply to and templates for requesting your appointment at the consulate
  • tips to help you decide when you should start your application process
  • a broker that understands the visa requirements to provide you with adequate health insurance …

What fees are charged to process my non-lucrative visa application?

The following steps of the application process incur fees: Non-Lucrative Visa Fee (516GBP in the UK), (507€ in Canada) (120€ – 190€ in the USA)consulate admin fees, criminal background check certificate, health insurance, translations and apostille stamps for various documents.

These fees will vary depending on where you are submitting your application. We will clarify fees on a personal basis when you start the application process with us. (Please read this article … coming soon!)

When and from where do I collect my approved visa?

Once the visa is granted it must be collected within a month, from the consulate office where the application was submitted.

If my application is unsuccessful, will my money be refunded?

Unfortunately no. No monies are refunded. For this reason, we offer an initial consultation before agreeing to submit your visa application for Spain.

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Does this visa allow me to continue to work for my own company or to work remotely?

The Spanish non-lucrative visa is designed for individuals who can demonstrate they can support themselves and their dependents financially, without the need to generate income by working. Continuing to work for a company in your home country (whether it is your own company or other) is currently not acceptable, although this is not the case in all consulates.

Remote working in Spain is not accepted.

The ability to show lump sums in the bank(s) and monies derived from investments are the best scenarios.

Will I be asked for proof that I am not working?

If you are not receiving a pension, it is almost certain you will need to prove documentary evidence that you are not working.

  • If you were previously employed, you can submit your P45.
  • If you are taking a sabbatical/leave from your current employment, a letter from your employer will be required as evidence.
  • If you are self-employed/own your own company, you will require documents to prove you are no longer working.

Where can I get a Certificate of Good Conduct/Background criminal Check issued by the country or countries where I have resided in the past five years?

Again, this depends on where you live. There are also online options. We will help you with this. Please note that these checks are only required for adults ie. 18 years or older.

What are your fees for helping us with our application?

All our fees are clearly displayed on our Pricing page. Please be advised that we will only advise you to proceed with your visa application if we believe you fulfill all the stated requirements. For this reason, we require you to answer some questions, and then we arrange an Initial Consultation, at a cost of €50, which will be deducted from our application fees once we start your application.

Once I have my NL visa, what do I do next?

You should move to Spain within three months of the issue date of your non-lucrative visa. Upon arrival in Spain, you have one month to apply for your Spanish TIE card. This is a relatively simple process however obtaining an appointment can be challenging at times. As part of our services, we can assist in obtaining a TIE appointment for you. If you are moving to the Malaga province we offer a full accompanied service for both your TIE and Padron certificate.

Tax implications of the non-lucrative visa

To be able to renew your NL visa, you must live in Spain for at least 183 days of the year. Living in Spain for 183 days per year means you are liable for registration as a tax resident. As a Spanish tax resident, all your global income will be liable to Spanish taxation rates, payable in Spain. Different countries have tax treaties with Spain, avoiding double taxation. It is advisable to discuss this with your chosen tax experts about this.

Does a child (2 year old) need to book a separate appointment?

Yes. Every applicant requires an appointment.

Can the proof of funds be held in a Spanish bank account?

Yes. The funds can be held in a Spanish bank account and/or account in your home country, provided the required documentation can be supplied.

Is the DBS form acceptable for a criminal record certificate (UK application)?

No. For immigration purposes, an ACRO police report is required.

Can you confirm that the documents needed for the consulate interview need to be within 3 months of the interview date? Or do they need to be within 3 months of your arrival in Spain?

Legalised and translated documents should not be issued more than 3 months before the date of your visa appointment at the consulate.

Modelo 790 – 052:  As we already have NIE numbers do we need to complete this form?

Yes! You add your NIE number in the top left box.

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Do I need an address in Spain?

This is a difficult question to answer, as different consulates stipulate different requirements regarding an address in Spain. Some consulates require a 12-month rental contract, others are happy with a short-term rental, such as an Airbnb booking. In some cases, applicants have been told a Spanish address is not required. However, not having an address in Spain can result in the rejection of your application. Based on this, it is strongly advisable to have an address in Spain and to state this address on the application forms. If in doubt, consult (in writing!) directly with the consulate where you are submitting your application.

Am I required to take out the health insurance in advance of the visa appointment even though we will not travel to Spain until approx 3 months following the appointment?

Most insurance companies will not issue a policy in advance due to the medical questionnaire that has to be completed upon application for the insurance. As you are required to declare any current illnesses at the time of signing the document, this may become invalid if the policy is issued at a later date, as your condition may change. However, we have an agreement with an insurance company that will start the policy at a later date. Please contact us for their details.

IMPORTANT: Health insurance requirements are constantly changing. Our chosen agent will keep you updated.

Is a medical certificate from a GP with the text provided by the consulate sufficient for the visa application?

Yes. Remember we have a template in the eBooklet. This must also be legalised and sworn translated if issued in the UK.

Do the apostilles for each document also need to be translated?

Yes, they do. A document is first legalised, ie. a Hague apostille added. The document and the apostille are then translated by a sworn translator. Please note that if the Apostille is in Spanish and English, this does not require further translation.

Are appointments requested via email or via the links on the website, the links on the website do not lead to anywhere to arrange an appointment?

All appointments are requested via email to the consulate where your application will be submitted. Some consulates are now using an onlne booking system. As per above, this depends on where you live.

How soon can you get an appointment once ready to apply?

Each Consulate is different. It is advisable to request an appointment in advance, once you are certain you will have all the required documents and allowing time for them to be legalised and translated, where necessary.

Is a Birth Certificate required for the main applicant and/or spouse?

Generally, a recently issued, legalised and translated birth certificate is required only for dependent children. For a dependent spouse, a recently issued, legalised and translated marriage certificate is required.

What exactly are the required documents for a spouse? Does the spouse need a criminal record, medical certificate etc? – the instructions don’t say they do so presumably no?

Yes. All documents are required for each applicant. Each application is treated on an individual basis and hence copies of all listed documents are required per applicant.

For an accompanying spouse is there a separate application form? It seems that they are to be included on the main applicant’s form – where do you input the spouse details?

No. As each application is treated on an individual basis all documents are required. A separate copy of the individual application forms is to be completed along with all accompanying documents, per applicant whether applying as a dependent or not.

What order are the documents to be legalised: are they to be Apostilled then translated and then the translation Apostilled?

Any documents that require both legalising and translating must first be legalised and then translated. When the document is legalised, a Hague apostille stamp is added. This stamp also requires translating.

Do you need to see any proof of accommodation/residence in Spain?

Some consulates do not require any proof of accommodation in Spain. However, others do. An address is Spain is required for some of the paperwork, this is for contact purposes. In some cases, it is possible to use the address of a friend or family. Some people use a temporary rental address. Some consulates require a 12-month rental contract. It is advisable to check with the consulate where your application is being submitted.

Can the NIE application be submitted together with the non-lucrative visa application at the consulate?

Your NIE is stamped in your passport with your non-lucrative visa. If you have an NIE before applying for a visa, this number will not change, ensure you include it on the application forms.

If I own a property in Spain, does that reduce the amount of income that I need to have to successfully obtain a non lucrative visa? If so, to what amount?

No. The value of your Spanish property does not count when proving your income or savings. Property value can only be considered when applying for the Spanish Golden Visa (this si also subject to conditions).

Should I arrange an appointment with the consulate first or should I complete all the relevant forms prior to arranging an appointment?

It is important to plan the timing of your application. Due to Covid 19, there are delays in issuing certain documents and many people have had delays in receiving legalisation of their documents. Ideally, allow at least 6 to 8 weeks to prepare your paperwork before your requested appointment date.

 My bank will not stamp bank statements. What can I do?

We have been advised by several people that their banks will not stamp bank statements.

A good option for showing your funds in your bank account is to:

  • 1. Request an official stamped letter/certificate from your bank, confirming your credentials, how much you have in your account etc. Get a sworn translation of this document.
  • 2. Include 6 months worth of bank statements, demonstrating your regular income. 

Remember you can demonstrate funds in both UK and Spanish bank accounts.

What would you like to do now?

If you are still uncertain about submitting your application, book an initial consultation with us and we will evaluate your case.

If you prefer to submit your own application we have prepared a visa application step by step booklet that you can download …

If your question has not been answered on our FAQ Page, please feel free to email us and we will add it to the page …