Non-Lucrative Visa Tips for A Successful Application for Spain

If you’re a non-European passport holder, including British residents, moving to Spain, the non-lucrative visa is a good choice. It’s a straightforward process if you’re organized and meet the requirements. Many applicants we’ve spoken to faced challenges and spent money unnecessarily. In this article, we’ll share successful application Non-Lucrative Visa tips for the UK, based on our research.

Prerequisite: Understand the Basics If you’re new to the non-lucrative visa Spain application process, start by reading our introductory article (HERE).

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Non-Lucrative Visa Tips and Requirements

Here are the key tips and prerequisites for a successful non-lucrative visa application in Spain:

1. No Work Allowed

– You cannot engage in any form of employment, whether in Spain or remotely, during your stay.

2. Prove Financial Means

– Demonstrate your ability to support yourself and any dependents with “passive” income sources, such as pensions, investments, rental income, and savings.

– Refer to the official financial requirements mentioned in our introductory article or on our dedicated NLV website.

3. Exceeding Financial Requirements

– Don’t hesitate to show that you exceed the financial requirements. Having more financial resources can strengthen your application. Remember, as a Spanish tax resident, you will be required to report your worldwide income.

4. Validity of Translations and Notarisations

– Keep in mind that official translations and notarisations are only valid for three months from the date of issue. Timing is crucial, so plan accordingly and allow for potential delays, as there may be a high volume of applications.

5. Recent Marriage Certificate

– If you’ve been married for an extended period, obtain an up-to-date marriage certificate to prove your marital status. Some applicants have been asked to provide this documentation.

6. Consulate Location

– You must apply at the consulate that corresponds to your current address. You cannot choose your preferred consulate for the application.

7. Property Ownership

– Owning property in Spain doesn’t grant additional rights for a non-lucrative visa application. The property’s value is not considered in meeting the financial requirements. However, rental income from the property can count as passive income, provided you have supporting documents.

8. Savings are Acceptable

– Contrary to rumors, savings are an acceptable source of income. Be ready to justify any lump sums on your bank statements, including the source of funds. This documentation is essential for transactions like property sales, expensive item sales, or family donations.

9. Test the Waters

– The non-lucrative visa can serve as a trial period in Spain before making a more substantial commitment. You can explore the country and decide if you want to invest in property or pursue a Golden Visa for more extended privileges.

10. Renewal and Long-Term Plans

– Keep in mind that the non-lucrative visa is renewable for up to five years. If your goal is permanent residency in Spain, ensure you can support yourself for the entire renewal period and adhere to the visa rules. Failure to comply may result in denial of renewal.


Obtaining a non-lucrative visa for Spain can be your ticket to a new and exciting chapter in your life. While the process may seem complex, these essential yet simple tips and prerequisites will pave the way for a successful application.

Remember that a non-lucrative visa is not just about gaining entry into Spain; it’s a gateway to a future full of possibilities. Whether you’re considering testing the waters, planning to invest in property, or aiming for long-term Spanish residency, it’s vital to be well-prepared and stay committed to the rules and requirements.

Our team is here to help you navigate this journey with confidence and success. If you have questions, need guidance, or want expert assistance in securing your non-lucrative visa, we invite you to reach out to us. We have a proven track record of helping individuals like you achieve their goals and realize their dreams of living in Spain.

Don’t let uncertainties or misconceptions deter you. Contact us today, and let’s work together to make your non-lucrative visa application a smooth and successful process. Your Spanish adventure awaits – take the first step toward it now!